What is Social Listening & Why Is It Important?

Effective social listening helps you get valuable insights on ways you can improve your business performance. A lot of marketers nowadays have used social listening tools over the years and it has increased their values and improved their business. Social listening tools can help you understand and analyze the insights or the various ways in which other people perceive your Brand and it can also help you know more about your competitors. This is because the way people talk about your brand, other people also talk about your competitors. If you want to learn about social listening and our seo company in Nigeria recommends it for your business, you have to keep reading.


What is Social Listening?

Social listening can be defined as the act of monitoring conversations or charts of your customers so that you can get insight into what they think about your brand or that of your competitors. By listening you can also catch mentions of your brand or a certain keyword that is related to your brand. With your social listening done by our seo company in Lagos, there are many advantages it can afford you, you can notice conversations surrounding some topics that are related to your Brand, and this would help you know what your customers say or how they feel about the content. There is also what’s known as social monitoring which may be mistaken for social listening but these two are very different.


Social monitoring mostly focuses on a specific mention of your brand around a certain topic. Unlike social listening which is a little bit more diverse, social monitoring just point out a certain mention of your brand. Social monitoring can also be called brand monitoring.


Why is Social Listening So Important ?

With the aid of good social listening tools, you can be able to monitor conversation surrounding your brand or your product. It also helps you gather enough information about your customers and help you gauge their level on the sales Funnel. This will in turn provide you with knowledge about level of awareness of your product among your customer


  1. Having a good social listening tool on your brand can help you monitor your clients or your audience conversation. It helps you know what is working and what is not working, and that can help you improve your services for better customer satisfaction. When you pay attention to All reviews about your product and listen to things your customers have to say, it will help you know what your customers want in your product and so you can improve it to meet the customer’s needs or to solve a certain customer’s problem.


  1. Having good social listening can also help you track sentimental comments or reviews on your product. This will help you know if one person has posted any bad or negative reviews about your brand and having the right digital marketing agency in Lagos, you can easily attend to it so as to calm the starting fire. When people begin to talk too much about your product, you have to know the reason behind it.


  1. Monitoring your competitors through social listening can help you know what they are doing at the present moment. Are they launching a new product? Are they having a new campaign or maybe there is a trend going on in your industry. You will know it and so you can also jump in on it.


  1. When there is a certain mention of your Brand on the internet, you can go ahead to check who has mentioned you or what they have to say. It could be an important creator or one of those top brands. This will allow for easy conversation and collaboration, especially when you begin to connect with them. As you should know, collaboration is a two-way thing. This means you have to learn to give so as to receive. 



There are many good social media listening tools out there that can help you grow your brand into a fulfilled business. Some of the social media listening tools are quite popular and they include; Mention, Hootsuite, Buffer,  buzz sumo, Falcon.io and many others; Free and paid. If you are just starting, you may need to go for free tools. Before starting social media listening, you should first be aware of what you want to accomplish through listening.


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