What are the advantages of Chatbots? how to use them?

Have you ever visited a website and to your surprise, an in-app chat box just randomly appeared on your screen? 🤔 Well, those are chatbots. It’s an artificial intelligence program that is mainly used to accompany customers with their concerns. It stimulates a real interaction between the chatbot and the user and may only answer a few pre-programmed questions with answers. 💡❗⠀

Here are 5 benefits of chatbots for your business!⠀
⭐Improved Customer Service – some websites lack information on where customers could contact them. Having a chatbot on your website helps ease the confusion of your customer, knowing that a chatbot can accommodate their problems, though only limited to what chatbots are programmed to answer.⠀

⭐Customer Engagement – chatbots, if programmed properly, could initiate or respond to messages that are not even part of the business questions, which actually leaves a good impression on customers.⠀

⭐Cost Saving – instead of hiring a lot of customer service representatives, chatbots could replace them. Although this might be a big adjustment, it will still save you some money. You may have the option to forward the customer to an actual representative to attend to their concerns, but if the problem is answerable by the chatbot, it would be enough to suffice.⠀

⭐Gaining Insights and Customer Data – this job would be easy since chatbots can collect data from the chats itself. It will let you know which are the frequently asked questions and which problems you should look into.⠀

⭐Building Brand Trust – once your customers know that your website is efficient and responsive, chatbots can turn your visitors into actual customers. It is important to make them feel cared about because they are your consumers.⠀

Would you want to have a chatbot for your website? Let us know in the comments below! 👇🏻 ⠀
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