What Is User Generated Content And How Can It Help Your Brand?

If you have ever gotten something new; like a new book or a new gadget. Then you took a picture of yourself trying it on or trying to put them together. Afterwards, you post it on Facebook, Instagram or whatever social media channel. That right there is user-generated content and it is by far the most engaging and resourceful content our seo company in Lagos uses. This type of content is usually brand-specific because it is targeted at a particular Brand and the products that the brand produces. In this blog post, we will discuss what user-generated content is and how it can help your brand.


The user Generated content can be published in many forms; it could be images, videos  review, testimonials or podcasts. It’s basically  anything that is brand-specific and it’s consumer-generated content that is centered around a particular Brand and posted on any social media channel.


Who Can Do user-generated Content ?

A lot of people talk about you your generated content but I’m not really sure if they are qualified to do this type of content for brand so if you want to know the certain type of people that will do a user-generated content for your brand then they include


  1. Customers

Ever come across a post on tiktok, Youtube or Instagram that shows a customer trying out a new product or showing the effect the products had on them. That is user Generated content. The interesting thing about most UGC produced by the customers is that some of them were requested by brands or in some cases, the customer may find it necessary to share the video, either to advocate for your brand or educate their own online audience.


  1. Coworkers Or Employee

Employees or coworkers are a great asset in making behind the scene videos or pictures of your workspace. These are one of the ways in which our seo company in Nigeria tells the story about our brand and makes it interesting to your audience. It also shows the uniqueness of your brand and it would begin to build trust in your audience. You can decide to take a video of the packaging process or the delivery processes of your product. 


  1. Fans

Fans are people who are passionate about your brand and its products. They are always there to support and patronize you whenever a new product is launched. So, you can easily reach out to them and request for a user Generated content and they will be glad to help.


  1. Creators

These types of creators only make user Generated content and are often paid by brands to create such content. 


How Can UGC Help Your Brand

User Generated content can help increase the engagement on your page because people see such posts or videos as authentic. This makes them drawn to your brand and can even turn them into paying customers. Here are some other ways our digital marketing agency in Lagos can use user generated content to help your brand.


  1. Improve customer loyalty 

When your customers are not only kept in the sidebar but are instead brought into the action, this would give them the thrill they cannot find elsewhere. This would make them even more loyal to your brand, because they know they are a part of your brand’s growth. User Generated content also boosts brand interactions with its customers on different levels. It also encourages engagement through likes comments and shares


  1. Social proof

Have buyers who are in the final stage of their buyer’s journey and need just about a few convictions before buying? A user Generated content has all the conviction they need. Once a new customer lands on your page and is greeted by a vast display of user Generated content, it would act as a social proof that your products are working and that would encourage them to buy.


  1. Cost Effective Method Of Advertising 

User Generated Content is more like asking a customer for a review of your products and most customers do it for free. So this is an effective marketing strategy that would work for most businesses. Instead of paying influencers, you get to minimize your spending and yet maximize your profit.


  1. Build Authenticity And Trust.

With so many similar brands competing for attention from a specific audience, it is hard to keep people focused on your brand. But with user Generated content, it would help build authenticity with your brand as customers begin to trust your product because of the numerous reviews and testimonials.



Having your audience create user Generated content can be spontaneous only if you make great products or offer great services. People mostly love to repost or tag a brand that they value. So be the one to create the value that people would love.

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