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Wendiloveee is an SEO company in Nigeria. We are a team of experienced experts who can help you improve your rankings on Google and other search engines. 

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Best SEO Company In Lagos, Nigeria

At Wendiloveee Digital Marketing Agency, we are one of the best SEO companies in Nigeria and one of the top 10 most trusted in the industry. We have experts in creating high-end, Google-approved websites, and we are responsible for a number of Google search results for Nigerian businesses. 

Our SEO Services

Local SEO

Local SEO will get you seen by a large number of neighborhood clients searching for your business online. 
Local SEO is important for small business owners because it’s often the first place customers come to find your business.

Website SEO Audit

We start off our SEO audits by looking at the architecture, content, internal links, speed, page experience, redirects, structured markup, and Metadata to optimize your site.

On-Page SEO

We will help you increase your website’s rank on search engines, by improving your content and tags.

Content Marketing

We have a team of expert content creators with years of experience that will make content that stands out and drives quality traffic back to your website.

Technical SEO

When a business discovers that it has technical SEO issues, They contact us to fix them. Our Technical SEOs are skilled at spotting problems that prevent your site from being optimized while the audits are being conducted.

Link Building

There are many ways to get external backlinks to your website. We center around quality external link building to drive site traffic.

How Our SEO Services Can Help Grow Your Business

As one of the best SEO Companies in Nigeria, Our SEO strategy is result-driven. We partner with you to understand your business goals and optimize your website to reach your target audience.

We utilize the latest tools, strategies, and trends to push your site higher in the Google and other search results page.

The first step in finding the right keywords is researching and determining which ones generate a return on investment. Millions of people are actively searching through the net for products and services that they need. To ensure that you are not left out, we will make sure your company website appears among the websites that are listed when such keywords are searched.

Are you worried about your website’s performance after an SEO campaign? Don’t worry, our SEO company in Nigeria can provide you with relevant data about your website’s performance via web analytical tools. These data can measure the effectiveness of your SEO effort.

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Why We Are The Best SEO Company In Nigeria

We Use the Same Methods

With our SEO Services, we’ve been able to drive hundreds of visitors to a variety of websites, ranging from real estate websites, lottery websites, farm websites, media websites, security websites, and a few others.  Currently, wendiloveee website ranks for a variety of search phrases locally and nationally. For example, you may look up “Content Creation Service in Lagos” on Google. We will use the same strategies, tools, and expertise to rank your website higher on search results.

We Apply Other Google Search Optimization Tips

We take into account Google’s ranking factors when optimizing websites. We take into account these factors when ranking and marketing your website: Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click.
We are a full digital marketing agency and our strategy is result-oriented.

We Fullfill All SEO Responsibilities In-House

At Wendiloveee Digital Marketing Agency, we believe that it’s better to have an SEO expert handle all of your website optimization than to outsource it to a cheap third-party firm, Our SEO specialists will handle the day-to-day work of improving your website for optimal performance, making it easier for you to obtain better transparency. 

Affordable SEO Plans

We provide a variety of SEO packages which you can choose from depending on the size of your business, our SEO Company in Nigeria provides affordable search engine optimization packages to small and retail businesses. Contact us today.

What To Increase Your Website Traffic?


SEO is the process of improving a site’s visibility on search engines through various tactics like web design, keyword research, and social media marketing. The process involves spending time tweaking the site’s content so that it conforms to the keywords of the site’s intended audience, as well as investing in paid search engine techniques like paid Google and Bing ads.

We are confident that we can achieve first page ranking, we have achieved first page ranking for high competitive keywords.

Depending on the type of business you operate, we will target different keywords.

To see your ranking, you can check Google. There are also tools that can do this. Finally, we send you monthly reports showing your ranking.

How competitive the keywords are will determine how long we reach first page on most campaigns. If the keywords are competitive, we can reach first page within 3-6 months.

No, we don’t charge for after achieving the first page rankings; on the contrary, we have clients who keep us on retainer to monitor their ranking performance, especially when competitors increase thier SEO activities

SEO is for people who offer services or products that people may search for. Many people ‘google’ whatever they want, so your customers are likely to be searching too.

SEO is the search-engine optimization of site content across the web, including writing, headlines, and meta-descriptions. Google Ads, on the other hand is a subscription-based service that provides keyword bidding, audience targeting, and ad group management for Google Ads. 

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