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Email marketing is one of the digital marketing channels that provides an extreme return on your investment. Do it right with Wendiloveee Digital Marketing Agency, we are the best email marketing agency in Lagos, Nigeria and your email marketing partner.  We help you plan, assemble, and execute a wide range of email marketing and CRM campaigns – newsletters, promotional, or value-based.

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Reach Your Target Audience Directly with the Right Email Marketing Campaign

Research shows that approximately 3.9 billion people worldwide use email every day for correspondence, and no other platform comes close to having this number of day to day active users. Are you leveraging the potential of email marketing in your business strategy?

Try not to miss the potential chance to connect your brand with the ideal customers at the ideal moment and increase your sales. Wendiloveee digital Marketing Agency’s objective-driven email marketing services and let us set up an email campaign that accommodates your business objectives perfectly.



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What is Email Marketing

Email marketing is an internet marketing strategy used by a large number of businesses worldwide to create brand awareness, drive sales and fabricate client relationships.

Email marketing companies make use of different email service providers (ESPs) to send out automated, personalized marketing emails that contain brand advancements and announcements. Anything from weekly or monthly email newsletters and promotion alerts to customer survey structures and event solicitations can be considered a type of email marketing.

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Why Email Marketing Is Important

The relevance of email marketing in digital brand success can’t be emphasized enough. Online email marketing is one of the best digital marketing methods for earning business leads and increasing Return on investment (ROI).

As indicated by research, approximately 61 per cent of email subscribers might want to receive special marketing emails every week and around 83 per cent of customers spend more on a brand from which they’ve received web email marketing correspondences. Marketers additionally reported receiving an impressive 3,800 per cent ROI or $38 for every dollar invested in an email marketing effort.

Evidently, online email marketing presents an incredible chance to reach targeted customers and generate revenue development. On the off chance that you haven’t started your email marketing arranging, this moment’s the opportunity to talk with an email marketing specialist and sketch out how to move your business forward.

Reasons Why You Need To Hire
A Email Marketing Agency

Numerous marketers discover that overseeing email marketing efforts can be very complicated, especially when it comes to following severe deliverability guidelines and regulations. It very well might be time to bring in the experts to help you deliver your powerful messaging directly to the inbox while boosting the potential of this basic marketing channel.

When you hire an email marketing agency like Wendylovee Digital Marketing Agency, the experienced and profoundly qualified team can help you get more subscribers, increase deliverability, improve engagement, and integrate cross-channel marketing efforts to maximize your reach and return.

It’s a worthwhile investment to have email marketing professionals that can help transform the complicated chore of customer emailing into a simple, reliable, effective means of helping you draw in new business and increase your organization’s main concern, all while ensuring your organization is following severe deliverability and email-enhancement best practices.

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