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Let me know in the comments if these work for you – or if you have your own tips for working/studying at home!⁣ 😌💛


Everyone’s ADHD looks different – so my tips may not work for you. If you have an alternative, please share below as it can help likeminded ADHDers! Here are a few of my working from home tips.⁣

👖 Whilst it may seem easier & more comfortable to work or study in PJs, it can be hard (for my brain at least!) to remember it’s work time!⁣

✏️ Without a daily plan I get overwhelmed and always feel like I have far more work to do than I actually have. My IG highlight Daily Planner shows how I create mine!⁣

🍌 Food affects mood – and for me, my energy levels are made worse if I skip mealtime. I don’t leave food up to chance – it’s in my schedule with alarms. ⁣

☕️ Pre work rituals help my brain to understand I’m shifting into a work mindset. I like to make a cup of tea listening to Motown and my brain has slowly learnt that when I do it, it means it’s work time! ⁣

🗑 Chaotic desk = chaotic mind. Cleaning my work space and keeping it tidy has become part of the ritual. I always feel more organised and it sets me up to approach my work positively. ⁣

🎧 I usually use ‘pink noise’ to work with. Silence and regular music can be too distracting for me. I recommend working out what suits you best, I use Spotify or YouTube to search for ideas!⁣


Please let me know what works for you and your ADHD mind working / studying from home!⁣ Let’s help each other out with suggestions! 💛
⁣ – @adhdactually

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