3 Tools That Help You Write Better SEO Content Briefs

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Situations like this may happen in your digital marketing firm, whereby your content writer goes on to write about a topic. While doing your revision as an editor or Chief executive officer, you suddenly realize that the content writer has written something totally different from the content topic. Let’s say she was told to write about Recipes for a chocolate cake and they go on to write about the importance and benefits of eating chocolate cakes. This implies that the whole work has to be rewritten. It should have simply been avoided from the beginning by providing a content brief to the writer or by working together with a reliable Seo company in Nigeria to make better content briefs. In this article, we would discuss the content brief and 3 tools that would help you write it better.

What is A Content Brief

A content brief is a document that contains the information including recommendations and requirements that a content writer or content creator would use as a guide to create a piece of content. This content brief includes some basic requirements such as content title, keywords to be used, writing style, words count etc. A content brief must be in a document format for storage and you can use it for different types of content such as product description, Ebooks, long form blog posts or case studies. You may be finding it difficult to come off with a content brief, or maybe you know so little about your company. A reputable seo company in Lagos can help to put you through your content creation process.

Importance Of Content Briefs 

If you are new to a place you obviously need a guide to show you around. Same thing as cooking a food, you need the recipe and cooking method in order to avoid mistakes. This is how important a content brief is and why you need a digital marketing agency in Lagos to help you generate one.

  1. You do not miss any relevant information

Having a content brief will help you not to miss even the smallest details in your writing. If the different subtopics are properly highlighted and certain keywords are placed higher than the other. You would know when to use them and when not to. A content brief is meant to make your work complete 

  1. Reduce Errors And Prevents Extensive Editing

If the content brief is followed meticulously, it would prevent extensive revision and editing because you wrote whey you were supposed to. Following the content brief will make all the requirements for the client, managers and editors align and there won’t be any form of miscommunication between them.

  1. Provides A clear Path for locating Document

With a well written content brief you can specify different categories into different types of content based on their stories on the content brief. This content brief will give you an idea of each type of content and it tells you where you can locate them. It works well when there are lots of employees who are involved in the particular content.

3 Tools To Help You Write Better Content Briefs 


Surfer SEO 

This is one of the best tools out there that would help you create good outlines and content Briefs. It also comes with a free version that you start off with. Surfer SEO allows you to generate content briefs with different sections like:

  • FAQ questions
  • Search intent for keywords
  • LSI keywords

Content Harmony

This is a software that can do so much. It can help you with good content briefs, topic categorization and search intent for keywords. It also helps you gather all the information to help you create an SEO optimized content. It also comes with features to help you share the content brief with coworkers. It’s features include:

  • Cool template for different content brief 
  • Word count suggestion 
  • Topic mapping
  • Website content optimization 


This is a one of a kind content brief generator. It is a free tool that generates content briefs based on imputing a single keyword and geographical location. It’s also good for SEO content and can give out the basic structure of whatever content you want to write. It is also an effective content management tool. You can try the free version today.


Now you don’t have any excuse not to create a content brief. With so many tools available you can generate as many briefs as you want. You can even go ahead to automate the process with the ready-made templates.



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