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For the past few months, more people have been working at home due to the restrictions during the quarantine. 🚩 Some employees were sent home for safety and instead, use the internet to connect with their acquaintances and continue their work in the comfort of their own homes. With that being said, companies have made a way to conduct the usual meetings that they had in the office and incorporate them with seminars and conferences online. ⠀

If you are planning to launch a meeting with your colleagues and employees online, here are the best software apps and online web video conference sites that you may use:⠀

⭐Skype – most people may have heard of Skype before, and still, up to this day, Skype is still one of the best apps to use for conferences. It is tried and tested. Plus, most employees already have their Skype IDs even before.⠀
⭐Zoom – this one has a paid plan and a free one, which gives you the freedom to choose whichever plan is suitable for your employees. Depending on the duration of the call, Zoom offers a great service dedicated to web meetings and seminars.⠀
⭐Google Hangouts – just like other Google apps, Hangouts is also free of charge and probably the most convenient among all the apps in the market. Some Google-powered Android phones already have Hangouts pre-installed on their smartphone which makes it easy to use!⠀
⭐GoToMeeting – this has to be one of the best apps out there that can be initiated using Microsoft Office programs and chat links. The downside of this app is that you may only use the video conferencing option on paid plans. However, you may still use it for audio meetings on the free version.⠀
⭐TeamViewer – this app includes the ability to run remote access on anyone’s computer, with their permission, of course. This app supports video and audio conferencing and may also use text-based chats just like most messaging software online.⠀

Do you know other web conference apps that we weren’t able to mention? Share it with us in the comments!⠀
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