How To Create A Content Marketing Plan For Your Business

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the amount of content you have to create in order to promote or market your business, or you are just looking for a more simple yet effective way to organize your content strategy. You have to get a content marketing plan. You may be wondering, What really is a content marketing plan? and How do I go about it? Well, this article is written to help you know how to go about it in the shortest possible way. Our experts in SEO company in Lagos have also adopted this strategy. This way, you would have your plan done in 10 to 30 minutes. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, you just have to follow it step by step.


Step By Step Content Marketing Plan

For your content marketing plan, here are the steps you would follow In order to create and organize them. If you feel like investing to get it done for you or you find it difficult to assemble every information or detail here you can always hire experts from an SEO company in Nigeria 

1. What are my content pillars? 

The content pillar is like a tree from which all your content types would come from. Your content type needs to be in sync with your content pillar. Hence, for that to happen, your content pillar should be a long-form content type. Examples of long-form content are Videos, Blog posts, podcasts, Email newsletters, etc. Your Long form content should be of high quality as well as have relevance. A Digital marketing agency in Lagos can help you create content pillars that suit your business style or structure.

2. How are you going to deliver your content? 

Your main focus here is going to be on what channels you will be posting it.  This one is based on your preference and what you are comfortable with. This also depends on what your long-form content is. For Example, videos will be posted on YouTube, Blog posts will be posted on your webpage and Podcasts will be promoted as audio on Anchor or Spotify.

3. How will I repurpose the content pillar? 

For your pillar content or long-form content. You need to break it up into bite-size micro content which will be posted on social media channels as quotes, tips, stories or short videos testimonials reels case studies, or Instagram stories. All these depend on what social media platform you are pushing your micro-content. It could be either  Facebook Tiktok, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or Instagram 

4. How do I distribute my content?

This is seen as the format in which you send or publish your micro-content on various social media platforms. This would depend on what you are posting and the type of content you are sharing. For educational content, you can use Instagram Reels or carousels. You can even use Twitter trends to distribute a long-form educational post or you can decide to tweet just a section of your long-form post.

5. How do I listen to my audience? 

Now, this is something you should do more often this year. If you create new content, it is best to wait a few hours to a few days to get people’s responses on that content. If you are at the Beginner stage, you may not get any response yet but if you have quite the engagement on your page, you will be able to gather some amount of comments. It is through the content you share that you can know more about your audience and their preferences.

6. How do I measure my progress?

When you have decided to focus on a few channels to generate traffic, calculating how much traffic your content generates is what will tell you whether you are progressing or not. If you are getting started or sticking to one or two microchannels you need to start taking measures of your key performance index. This can be done by monitoring how many likes, comments, or shares you have on your post or stories. As well as checking the number of sales you made or the click-through rate for your Email campaign. You can also monitor the number of retweets on Twitter and repins on Pinterest.


Most times brand owners feel like investing time to make a content marketing plan would limit them but it is actually the opposite. Not only does a content marketing plan Grow your business but there’s a high chance that it increases your leads. You can even make your content marketing plan effective and easy to correct by creating a template you and your team can use for a long time.


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