Why it is important to share post on stories?

Not all people have the luxury of time to scroll through their Instagram feed all day. Sometimes, they just check their Stories and go. (Raise your hand if you do the same!) Oftentimes, brands do not post every single day on their Instagram, or if they do, they don’t post three times in a row — because that’s just plain annoying, especially with Instagram’s algorithm nowadays. Besides, you aren’t even sure if people see your posts because not all your followers will acknowledge that they saw it.

To make sure that your followers are still on the loop, re-post your photos in Stories! It’s one way to remind them that your brand is still active and kicking. As mentioned earlier, not all people scroll through their feed. Besides, Instagram Stories can let you tweak through stickers, emojis, and GIFs on your post (regular posting can’t do that unless you edit through a third-party app or you share a video on your Carousel).

If you haven’t been doing this, well, this is the sign that in your next post, try re-posting them on Instagram Stories and just like what others do — pick a “New post” sticker and place it on your story.

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