Digital Marketing Course with duration of 4 months

Digital Marketing Course with duration of 4 months

The Digital Marketing course can be taught within a duration of 4 weeks.

Digital Course Plan

❖ Introduction to Digital Marketing

– What is digital marketing

– The digital marketing industry

– How digital marketing works

❖ Aspects of Digital Marketing

– Search Engine Optimization

– Social Media Marketing

– Content Marketing

– Email Marketing

– Influencer Marketing

❖ Benefits of Digital Marketing

❖ How Digital Marketing Can be Used

❖ Search Engine Optimization

– What is SEO

– How to optimize a website

– Benefits of SEO

– Off-page and Onpage Optimization

❖ Social Media Marketing

– Types of social media marketing

– Understanding social media marketing

– Instagram marketing

– Facebook marketing

– Twitter marketing

– LinkedIn marketing

❖ Email Marketing

– How to build an email list

– How to use email marketing to engage

– How to write compelling content for email marketing – Tools and software for email marketing

– Email that converts- Taglines

❖ Content Marketing

– Content creation

– How to create content for social media

– How to create content for website

– Conversion and results

– Tools and Software

❖ Influencer Marketing

– How to get started with Influencer marketing

– Building an influencer marketing list

– Outreach

– The Influencer marketing Industry

❖ How to get started as a Digital Marketer

– How to create a great CV as a Digital Marketer

– Digital marketing Industry

– Places to get jobs

– Future of digital marketing

Certificate of completion

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