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While working, distractions could get in our way. 😒 Sometimes, we tend to procrastinate while we are in the middle of our jobs and we just think of laying down in bed to rest. 😴 People do this when they are tired and no motivation drives them to finish their tasks. To keep you from all the distractions, here are some productivity apps that you may use to help you get the job done and take that well-deserved rest that you need:⠀

✅Scanbot – this is an app that lets you scan any document easily and hassle-free. ⠀
✅Evernote – all your notes in one place. You may also connect your phone to your PC to sync in notes from both devices.⠀
✅Buffer – lets you schedule posts for various social media platforms.⠀
✅Cisco Webex Teams – collaborating with others through online is now an easy task, thanks to this app that lets you share files and do video and audio calls at the same time.⠀
✅Canva – posters, Instagram stories, any graphic design you could think of is already offered for free and you may edit it to your liking.⠀
✅Prezi – level up your presentations with this app that has a lot of professionally-made designs.⠀
✅Lucidchart – focused on charts, diagrams, and maps.⠀
✅Tick Tick – monitor your tasks in one place with this fun app.⠀

Do you know any productivity apps that help you get through the day? Share it with us! ⠀
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