7 Great SEO Tips For 2023

As we know by now SEO  is an important part of every marketing strategy you implement. If you are not implementing any SEO strategy in your business, then you are definitely putting your business at the sidebar.  If your page didn’t appear on page one in 2022, there is something wrong with your SEO and you have to work on that this year. You can also hire good SEO companies in Nigeria to help you build your SEO and get your products and services in front of your target audience. In this article, we would give you the top 7 SEO Tips for 2023. You need to read to the end so you can implement every strategy and achieve success in your business.


1. Voice Search

Voice search will make a lot of changes in 2023. Voice search started making waves in 2021 and 55% of Americans began using this feature in 2022, by  2023 it is bound to increase. To implement Voice search in your SEO strategy this year, your keyword needs to be unique and mostly include generic words that people use daily in their searches. To get good keywords for your business you need to do keyword research which may take more time. Therefore, having good SEO companies in Lagos run your keyword research, would save you lots of time. You can also opt-in for long tail keywords as that is more likely to be based on questions people ask every day. This feature is good for SEO because it helps to increase user experience which is a ranking factor on Search Engines.

2. Mobile Optimization 

You already know that a mobile-friendly website gets more traffic than one which is not. This is because more people use mobile phones for searching on Google instead of a laptop. For you to know how mobile-friendly your website is you can take a test on Google console

3  Pay Attention To The EAT Principle

Google has always made it its priority to serve its users with relevant and high-quality content, hence the need to follow its EAT  Principle. The EAT Principle stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This Principle helps to determine if a website is known for relevant content. It is checked by a Google algorithm called Google panda which crawls every page on Google with bots in order to filter out low-quality content. The EAT Principle requires a lot of precision and expertise while crafting every article as well as the knowledge of SEO and only the best digital marketing agency in Lagos can work this out for you. 


4. Build Quality Links

If you want a long-term SEO strategy then you should aim to build quality links and start now. Google has this feature of ranking content that has quality content that is linked to them. This method should not be taken for granted and it should be done hastily. You need to follow certain guidelines while building links. To build effective links you need to guest post on websites that are related to your niche,  join bloggers groups or forums to help each other get links, promote your content regularly on social media, or use an influencer

5. Local SEO 

In 2023, local SEO will be on the rise. As long as your business has a physical location, local SEO will surely help it too. In case you are wondering what local SEO is, it is the process of optimizing your website in order to gain more traffic based on your location. It is a way to advertise your business to local brands and people. Local SEO can help you gain a massive amount of traffic if Google sees your website as prominent and relevant. Google also lists your website to target audience based on proximity because people may need to visit Your physical store and want something immediately.

6. Optimize Your featured Snippet 

A featured Snippet is a little text that appears on your webpage as soon as it appears on the search query, or as soon as search engines bring out your web page to its users. The text that appears on featured snippets is gotten through your website indexing. Your featured snippet can help you rank higher on search engines, and also help you get more clicks–8% according to Search Engine Land. The featured snippet gives users the definition or the answers that they have been looking for. In order to get more link clicks you need to optimize your featured snippet sections with your target keyword. You can also use tools like SEMRush or Ahrefs.



Building your SEO will make it easy for your target audience to find your website online if they type your specific keyword on Google. The more you keep building your SEO the more chances of it getting to page one and having more people see your products and services.


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