How To Optimize Title Tags For Google

Are you looking to improve your website’s ranking on Google? If so, then you need to make sure you are optimized for title tags. Title tags are one of the most important elements of on-page SEO. They are the first thing Google looks at when determining your ranking. A title tag is the HTML element that specifies the title of a web page. The title tag is found in the head section of the HTML code for a web page. When you make searches on Google,  the little snippets of web page titles you see are your title tags. If you want to improve your website’s ranking on Google, then you need to make sure your title tags are optimized. You can also get an experienced Seo company in Nigeria to handle that. In this article, we will show you how to optimize title tags for Google.


Why Are Title Tags So Important 

Title tags are one of the most important on-page SEO elements. Here is some of it’s importance:

  • They are used to tell search engines what your web page is about and to display a brief summary of your page in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, a good title tag should be descriptive, contain relevant keywords, and be compelling.


  • While the title of your page is important for SEO purposes, it’s also important for users. A good title tag will help users decide whether or not to click on your result in the SERPs. A bad title tag, on the other hand, could discourage users from clicking through to your page. Also, having a compelling title tag can help, that is why it is best you hire a professional seo company in lagos.


  • They are one of the key factors that determine whether or not your page will be successful in the SERPs. A good title tag can make a difference. 


How To Write And Optimize A Good Title Tag 

Titles are of great importance in Seo practices and it also improves the user experience on your site. That is why our digital marketing agency in Lagos classifies it as a high impact SEO activity that yields very good results. Learning to write and optimize title tags can go a long way in your business 


Keep Your Title Length Short

The recommended amount of words for a good SEO title is about 60 words. Anything more than that and search engine adds an ellipsis to the 59th word. It may also be recommended to keep your titles a bit shorter than 60 words because some of the letters may take up more space, for example “M” and some letters may take little space, for example “I”. You should also be careful while using capital letters throughout your title. That may lead to search engines cutting off the title earlier, or changing the title entirely. Google isn’t saying that you must not use long titles. If it is what you want, you can use it. But you need to ask yourself “will it work well for my site?”


Keywords Close To the Beginning 

When your Keywords are placed close to the beginning of title tags it would have significant positive impacts on search results. This is because people mostly scam the first few words of the title and if they don’t find exactly what they are looking for, they move on. So in order to do this, you may decide to start off your title with your company’s name or product name


Don’t Cluster Keywords

While it is advisable to use the latest and trending keywords, it is also advisable not to stuff them all over your page. When you use keyword phrases that are just a variation of themselves you get to reduce any good user experience because they provide very unique user value. If you cluster your keyword and search engine cuts off some of your title, the title that pops up on Google won’t be appealing to the users.


Make Your Titles Click-Worthy

Even if you are trying to optimize your title tags so you can rank on Google, remember that you are also writing for your audience too. Your audience also needs to click on your content to tell Google Google it is valuable. If your titles aren’t as compelling as they should be, you are going to miss a lot of clicks.



Optimizing your title tags can make your SEO journey a lot easier. Here are some of the activities you should avoid so that you don’t not ruin your already optimized page. Do not overfill and optimize your title tags by stuffing with keywords. Also, be careful about the alternate title data you use


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