how to increase your Instagram followers

With over 200 million active members sharing 60 million photos, and 1.6 billion likes, Instagram is a giant in social media platform.

That is why, most of companies would ventured out bringing their businesses on Instagram, for branding and better visibility.

But how can you increase your Instgram followers?

Create a branded hashtag

A dedicated, custom, or branded hashtag allows you to essentially create a collection of your best content. Building your brand with a hashtag is the easiest way to convert and connect to your targetted audiences. It will make you more memorable.

Use industry-specific hashtags

The more specific you are, the more interested the people you attract and the higher the chances they’ll become followers. Additionally, using more precise tags will cut down on the number of competitors vying for the follows of the same people you’re targeting.

Be creative

Most of the time, being playful and witty on your content attracts a follower. Get nice nice mix or formal and fun on your content., Remember, content is King.

Make the most of your bio URL

Your Instagram Bio offers only limited space for your business description, make the most of it by using URLs.

Get descriptive with your captions

Aside from fun and interactive graphic content, you need to have an informative yet pleasing captions on your content. It allows your followers not to get bored while reading your content.

Develop your own Instagram style

Incorporating uniformity on your Instagram page does not only encourage retention but also building an identity on your brand. By developing your own style, your page will be more recognizable and will demand attention.

Remember your calls to action

One of the most important element of gaining audiences whether on your website or on your social media. Having a clear call to action, allow your followers or target audience to take control and action. It should be direct and concise.

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