Exciting Instagram, Tiktok Predictions for 2023

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Have you ever wondered how social media is going to turn out in 2023? With the way it’s massively growing do you wonder what next might evolve along the line? Maybe with all that is going on in some major social platform, you are not as excited as you should be for the coming year. Time is dramatically changing and maybe we may not be the best at predicting but I’m sure some of us are looking forward to these changes and how they would upgrade our social media experience. Let’s look at some Instagram and Tiktok Predictions for 2023 that are worth waiting for.

social media wendiloveee


There would be more need for AI-generated content and Reels.

AI becoming increasingly popular since 2021 and has aided millions of content creators to build their platforms. Instagram would also want to join the bandwagon and introduce AI content and Reels for creators. This is something that needs a lot of getting used to and may also shift the algorithm a bit but let’s all watch out.

Also, Instagram may resume testing its full-screen feed, showing it to users who engage with Instagram Stories more often. 

Live Shopping

This is yet to be integrated into the app but swifts plans are being made to make that possible. This would help brands and social media creators sell off products through life shopping content.

Enhanced integration capabilities

In 2023, Instagram is expected to add new forms of content creation, including augmented reality (AR) and three-dimensional (3D) posts. The app will also further integrate nonfungible token (NFT) art and other formats that can be showcased in the app. By providing more ways for creators to create and showcase these next-level types of art, Instagram can help Meta guide users into creating virtual reality experiences.



Live Stream Shopping 

We can’t already wait for this feature and it is well on the way. This feature would not only help Tiktok creators gain more credits but also help in their mobilization funnel.

Payment of Top star Tiktok users

Tiktok has already started this program but there have been a lot of complaints about the payment getting smaller and smaller. Now Tiktok has a new competition because YouTube has also brought out its YouTube short which is basically similar to what Tiktok creators are doing. Do we see a match here? Hopefully, we look Foward to better future payments for TikTok stars.


These new predictions would totally come in handy for social media creators and business owners. So it is best for you to start thinking of ways to use them wisely. What other Predictions do you know? Which can’t you wait for? Let us know. For more updates and news in the digital marketing field, follow the best SEO company in Lagos.

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