How to generate Hashtags for your business

A hashtag has become important overtime when it comes to social media marketing. 💻💹 Through hashtags, your products or services get known through a few clicks either on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. But first of all, why should you create a hashtag for your business?⠀

Well, they give your brand identity in social media. They give you additional strength toward customer engagement, and through this, you’ll be able to market your product.⠀

When should you use a hashtag? 🤔⠀
⭐Product Launches⠀
⭐Career Opportunities⠀
⭐Cross-Channel Discussions⠀

To create your own hashtag, be unique. 😎 You can either use your product name or your brand tagline. It will help a lot because that is your brand’s identity and you are unique from the rest. 😉👌 You may also add generic hashtags such as #travel#baking, or #business. It may end up in a wide variety of results but it won’t hurt to try. With that, users will now see your post, and who knows? They might get interested in your product and soon enough, you’ll have them as your client or customer. 🤝🏻⠀

Hashtags are powerful, isn’t it? What’s your favourite hashtag to use? Let us know below!⠀
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