How to Gain New Followers on Instagram

Are you interested in gaining new followers on Instagram? There are many ways to do that especially with all their flexible updates but there are some tried and tested things you can do immediately that work. Here are some tips:⠀

💖 Post regularly. People follow you for your content so make sure to give them what they want.⠀
💖 Play around with videos, live videos, and stories. Instagram is always upping their game so you should too. Get creative with these video formats.⠀
💖 Interact and collaborate! Social media is made to connect with people with similar interests so don’t be afraid to collaborate. Who knows – maybe you’ll make valuable friends along the way.⠀
💖 Engage and learn. With every engagement you or your followers initiate, you learn something new about the audience that follows you. Learn about them so you can produce more content they’re interested in.⠀
💖 Analytics matter. Are there posts that are performing better than others? Check out what you did right so you can analyze data and achieve those results again!⠀

Try them out and have fun! ;)⠀

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