Your logo is your brand’s identity! How to create it?

Brand logo:

Your logo is your brand’s identity. Most of the time, this is what your customers and audience would remember. A good logo will also improve the business itself. It is known and proven, as big businesses have grown throughout time in using the same logo.

As a new business, how do you create a brand logo? Swipe right for the steps.

Plan it out first: what should your logo represent? What color? Does it have to be minimalist? When all of these have been considered, you may find a graphic artist to hire and execute your plans about the logo.
If you do not have a graphic artist, there are editing apps that can create a logo for you like Canva. Just search “logo” and Canva will provide hundreds of log ideas and you can tweak it as much as you like.
The only downside of using Canva is that it is not completely original. Other businesses may have the same concept and exact edit except for the business name.
Always stick to your brandings like a specific font, colors, and style because this makes the identity of your business that sets you apart from others.

You can always change your logo but you have to be consistent so stick to what you have made as this will be the thing that your audience will remember.

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