What are Sales Funnel | Mary Love

The term “sales funnel” may be new to you especially when you just started your own business venture in the entrepreneurship field. 🤔🤷‍♀️ One would be either confused or ignore the idea of sales funnel because they think they do not need it – whatever sales funnel is.⠀

Well, here’s where they are wrong.⠀

Sales funnel are significant in the field of business because they take your customers on a journey of the buying process. 😲 Proper sales funnel can turn your website visitors into subscribers and from subscribers, they can turn into customers of clients.⠀

There are several phases of a sales funnel:⠀
✅ Awareness : your potential customers start to become aware of your services or products.⠀
✅ Interest : potential customers become interested in your service or product.⠀
✅ Evaluation : potential customers will start to compare your product to other competitors.⠀
✅ Decision : potential customers decide to make a purchase.⠀
✅ Purchase : potential customers become actual customers.⠀

This process may sound entirely easy but it will take time and of course, interest when it comes to customers whether they like your product or not. 😊👍 Hence, the importance of marketing strategy in a business.⠀

What do you think of the sales funnel? Comment it down below!⠀

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