Using IG TV to increase business engagement | Instagram

Instagram TV was launched in June 2018. Much like Instagram Stories, it also lets you share at-the-moment moments and adventures that you can share to your followers, except that Instagram TV can either be Live or shot at an earlier date. It’s a fun idea, which is probably why it adapted from other apps like Facebook which had the same feature one year before we had Instagram TV.⠀

To this day, Instagram TV is still relevant and people still use it — even businesses. This is their way to advertise and reach out to their followers to boost their engagement with their audience. ⠀

Wanna know how to engage with your followers through IG TV? Swipe right to find out!⠀

Truly, Instagram Live is a milestone in social media. If this helped you out in having your first IG TV session with your followers, your comment is highly appreciated!

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