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As we all know, Instagram businesses are already on the rise on the platform. Instagram has become a medium for entrepreneurs to launch and promote their business which is a great idea because Instagram is technically free-of-charge and the only thing you need to pay is if you need advertisements on the app. 😉 If you are an Instagram Business that needs a boost on social media aside from Instagram alone, here are some tools you may use for your business:⠀

💡Instagram Shoppable (available on Instagram app)⠀
💡Shop Social⠀

Business selling is not limited on Instagram. There are also other tools to consider if you want additional help for your business! Be unique, creative, and most importantly, reach out to your audience! Be diligent in responding to their inquiries and always provide necessary information about the products and services you are selling.⠀

Do you also use these tools? Let us know below!⠀
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