Multitasking, Check out our 12 months planner to avoid burnout

Multitasking, Check out our 12 months planner to avoid burnout

We understand the feeling of being exhausted with all the task you are doing everyday. Exhaustion, feelings of cynicism, and reduced professional efficacy are all symptoms of burnout.

Research shows that we consistently perform better and faster when tasks are done successively, rather than all at once.

Start your day with a productive task.
This could include making your bed, doing a breathing exercise, or meditating.

Create a designated work space.
Even if you live in a small space, creating a separate work zone that you can go to and walk away from everyday helps in supporting a better life balance.

Take your breaks.
Working from home physically and mentally exhausting especially if you do not know how to separate personal to professional life. Take a break, you deserve it!

Turn off your screen
Never let your work control your life. At the end of your shift, always turn off your computer and enjoy the rest of your day.

Have a strategic plan
Having a plan of you daily tasks allows you to organize and priorities which task should come first.

Check out our 12 months planner –

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