How to use Instagram Stories for Business

How to use Instagram Stories for business

No better way to reach your target audience than Instagram Stories. Instagram Stories are incredibly popular. In fact, this feature was a hit as soon as it launched. According to Social Report, Instagram Stories surpassed its competition, Snapchat, by acquiring 250 million daily active users within a year of its launch.

When users swipe up on your Story, they’re taken straight to your website. According to, swipe-through rates average between 15 and 25 percent — which is a killer conversion rate.

Here are some ways how to use your Instagram stories for your business.

Plan and ScheduleYour Content

You can start with developing theme for your Instagram Stories Content. A thorough Instagram audit will allow you to assess which strategy will work.

Keep in mind that your content should be branded and should not compromise aesthetics. Your content should be pleasing in the eyes.

Stop your followers from swiping forward.

Branded content makes your content memorable and encourage retention towards your target audience.

Attract the right customers and drive more sales.

Make a creative way to place your business on your Instagram stories. Instagram offers a great deal in growing your audience engagement, and audience engagement means sales.

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