How to use Instagram Reels?

This latest Instagram update that has yet to be launched officially is having the same purpose as the popular video platform app, TikTok. With some users getting skeptical over security issues on TikTok, this could be a nice alternative especially to those who produces content on the app.⠀

➡️ The update is called Instagram Reels which will give users the ability to record videos with effects and filters just like TikTok. ⠀

To create Reels content, simply head to your native, in-app Instagram camera (aka through Stories). Search for a song through their database, which you can safely use free for commercial use in your on-platform content.⠀

You can then add AR effects and filters, set up a timer and content down, and record! You can sync up previous clips and everything, and speed up or slow down the video as you see fit.⠀

This is an exciting update and we’ll be watching out for further announcements from @instagram. ⠀

Is this a yay or a nay for you? Let us know below! 🤔👍👎 ⠀
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