Tips on How to multitask Durning Covid-19

Many of us are trying to stay sane and effective during this Pandemic. If you are working from home and managing your family below are some tips from on tips to help you mulitasks. Set yourself realistic goals⠀

Taking on too much at once can cause unnecessary stress and worry. At work, we often overload ourselves with all of the tasks we need to complete each day or week when it’s better to separate these out into bite-sized chunks that are easier to work through. Rather than feeling defeated when you aren’t able to complete your mammoth to-do list, be sure to set yourself achievable goals.⠀ Write lists⠀

Writing lists or using online organisational tools, such as Excel or Trello, can help you to feel confident about your workload. If you leave your to-do list to memory and you have to multitask, then it is more likely that you will forget something crucial. Writing lists with explanations next to each task will create an easy-to-approach to-do list.⠀ Prioritise your tasks⠀

From a written list of tasks, it is easier to prioritise your workload. Prioritising ensures that you are delivering high priority tasks on time, and allows you to manage the expectations of the business when you have something important that you need to clear your deck for.⠀ Work at a steady pace⠀

It can be easy to feel like you have to rush when you have a lot of different tasks to complete, but this will be counterproductive if you have to re-do work. Work at a steady pace so you don’t miss anything and are able to complete your work to the best of your ability.⠀ Allow yourself regular breaks⠀

Working continuously throughout the day is no way to get things done to a high standard. Make sure you give yourself short breaks during the day. After this, you might find that you can identify errors that you might not have noticed before. ⠀

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