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You may know hashtags from Twitter, but Instagram has also incorporated the # sign into their app to track trends, places, services, people, and basically everything on the platform. Businesses have also made use of them to reach audiences and to have their brand promoted. ⠀

If you’d like to tap into the platform’s potential to reach a huge audience, upping your hashtag game is the way to go. Let’s dig in with the tips! 📢⠀

📱1: Laser Focus Your Research⠀
Research relevant topics about your product and business. Use keywords to identify which topics you should use as a hashtag. Regularly scan search results, then browse posts that contain your target Instagram hashtags to keep an eye out for and make note of hashtag trends that could be used in future posts.⠀

📱2: The Art of Using Instagram Hashtags⠀
Some seasoned marketers swear by maxing out hashtag use with 30 in each post, but a TrackMaven analysis found that using 11 hashtags in each post is optimal for boosting engagement on Instagram. The reality is, the key to Instagram hashtag success is to use them strategically, whether you decide on three deeply researched hashtags or 30 carefully chosen ones. Try to be specific so you can narrow down the pool of your target consumers.⠀

📱3: How to Hide Hashtags⠀
To keep readers focused on your well-written caption, it’s a good idea to downplay the appearance of your Instagram hashtags, since tags that stand out in posts often look cluttered, spammy or out of place.⠀

📱4: Place Hashtags in Instagram Stories⠀
Adding hashtags to Instagram Stories – in the text, a sticker or a location tag – provides your content with another way to be found by a new audience.⠀

But placing hashtags in your Instagram Story images or videos doesn’t guarantee that it will happen. Why? Because hashtag aggregation depends on the quality of the content posted and its level of engagement.⠀

Instagram hashtags are powerful tools for growing an audience, boosting engagement and reaching potential customers on the platform.👍 ⠀

Do you use hashtags? Let us know in the comments! 🤔👇⠀
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