Have you experienced the freedom in letting go?

Have you ever held on to something for so long you’ve always thought you needed then you realized that it was better for you to simply let it go?⠀

It could be a job, a relationship, some bad criticism, and more. Humans are complex creatures and sometimes we hold on to things that were never meant to held on to. Everybody has that something. It’s that same kind of feeling when you thought you needed to stick to that toxic job where the environment is unhealthy but you kept it for so long because you had the notion that there’s no other choice. Then, you realize that there is so much freedom in the world the moment you let go. This is a common sentiment especially for those who’ve worked in a toxic corporate setting for so long and transitioned to a freelance or work from home set up. Something just clicks and you realize that the only person in your way was yourself – you didn’t allow yourself to explore other options even if you already saw other people thriving there. ⠀

And the truth is: it’s normal. It happens a lot and it’s normal to happen. We all just need to understand that all of us are in our own separate parts and it is really just part of the journey. In the middle of it all, the fact is that we grow from letting go and starting new beginnings. ⠀

So if you’re here because you’re in the middle of a strange part of your journey or you’ve just begun a new chapter in your story, I want you to know that you’re freedom is celebrated and appreciated <3⠀

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