Follow up on those people that made enquiries about products

Contrast that sense of care with those occasions when you can’t catch the eye of a waiter no matter how hard you try. Or worse still, you have to ask the waiter where your food is and why it’s taking so long. Those situations are infuriating – you’re paying for a service, despite not feeling like you’re getting much of a service at all.

There are a few elements of this scenario that translates to customer support. A proactive support model, where you follow up with your customers consistently and help pre-emptively solve their problems, signals that you care about your customers and are dedicated to ensuring their continued success. It is this sort of consistent follow-up that will help ensure customers return to use your product or service again and happily recommend it to others. And when you take upselling and customer LTV into account, following up is actually a critical part of the sales process as well.

Presently, you probably won’t contemplate that specific eatery practice – all things considered, it’s a straightforward client trail your food has shown up.

Nonetheless, there are a couple of illustrations in this straightforward illustration of client care that is important for any individual who works in client care. What is customers’ opinion about the assistance they’re paying for? Does our administration add to a feeling of client enchantment?

Go through your list and start following up on those potential customers, those warm leads are closer to buying that new person. Call/ text/DM or WhatsApp them asking them why they have not made payments. If the cost is the issue offer a discount or make a deal. If they say they are no longer interested tell them you have new things or services to offer. Close those sales today!! What are the objectives people have? #salestips #marketingtip #warmleads

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