Create your Own website | Marketing Tricks and Tips

Whether you are making a website for your business, for school, or just for fun, finding the right provider is a must. Nowadays, website building is as easy as making your own Facebook account, plus, in just one Google search, hundreds of website builders will be willing to host your own website. The question is: how?⠀

Website builders are sites that let them host your… well, website. You can create your own URL to personalize everything but you have to use their domain. Otherwise, you have to purchase a domain, regardless if it’s a “.com”, “.org”, or “.edu”. It can be quite pricey, but if you still don’t have the budget for it, no worries, that’s where free website builders come to rescue. ⠀

Website builders like Wix, Weebly, and SITE123 are just a few from hundreds and thousands of website builders. They are proven and tested and gives users the experience of personalizing their own page. If you are planning to create one, you must consider organizing everything first, from photos, contents, how the website’s gonna look like, etc. Plan everything out first then lay them out on the builder on how you want it to be designed. Designing process may take a while, since coding may also be a part of this, so if you are not knowledgeable in coding, find someone who can do CSS or HTML for you. Lastly, once you are done, you can now execute and publish your website to the world.⠀

Just a tip: pick a website domain that is easy to understand, spell, and remember. You can always use your product or brand name, and definitely, you can go all out creative on it!⠀

What are your thoughts about making your own website? Share it with us below!⠀
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