Advantages and Disadvantages of Remote working

During this uncertain times when many have been taken out of their element and forced to work from home, the stress levels can go through the roof.⠀

But if you look closer, you’ll see that there is a silver lining to this work setup. According to, “Working from home, or the common acronym, WFH, can provide many benefits, including increased flexibility, time saved by avoiding a commute, and more opportunities for typically introverted individuals to shine. But there are also various pitfalls: difficulty communicating efficiently, lack of access to information, lack of supervision (causing anxiety for both managers and employees), and social isolation.”

Here is a list of tips they provided to make sure you and your teammates have the support needed beyond the physical distance:⠀

💖 Check-in regularly⠀
💖 Utilize various communication tools — and establish ground rules⠀
💖 Encourage employees to set up dedicated workspaces⠀
💖 Uphold work/life boundaries⠀

Practice these tips to keep a sturdy support system for you and your team.

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