5 ways online business Networking Platforms to help you grow

Networking is an excellent way to grow your business, yet many business owners fail to take full advantage of the opportunity.

A network-based platform is a piece of technology or software that connects users with other members of a community to create mutually beneficial opportunities. Instead of simply being a tool to use within the four walls of an organization, network-based platforms help users find opportunities by connecting them with other users in the network while simultaneously fulfilling a function.

Access the right resources.

Whether you’re looking for newsletter templates or guides to better understanding your competitors, online small business communities can help you get through your to-do list much faster.

Tap into a wider network.

Running a small business can sometimes be a solitary endeavour without coworkers to bounce ideas off or trade stories. There are a lot of online business communities that became a sharing hub for business insights and ideas.

Get an international perspective.

Want to know more about marketing your business internationally or exporting to new markets? An online small business community can connect you with industry insiders in different markets ready to share their expertise.

Save money and access deals.

Looking for a discount on your utilities, tips on affordable technology or advice about a business loan? Getting a good deal can make all the difference when it comes to staying in the black.

Campaign in your community.

When you join a small business community, you can add your voice to causes that matter to you and other similar business owners — whether it’s public holidays, taxation or globalisation.

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