2021 Ultimate Business Structure.

2021 Ultimate Business Structure.

I know as small or medium size business owners we often have little or no team members.

But this year, have a plan to hire help, paid or unpaid. It is difficult to manage and executive your goals, plan and strategies by yourself.

Two main team members are Marketing and Sales. As I often state this two are different. One promotes the other sells. Of course the two can be done by one person but it is better to seperate and add incentives.

Now the Sales team member’s objective is to close deals. Close the leads gotten from promoting and exposure done in the Marketing department.

The Sales person is to start calling, dm-ing, texting, emailing potential and previous customers and bring in the money.

The marketing person is to promote your brand with different strategies in order to generate interest and potential customers.

As I provide Marketing and Sales tips this year your job and your teams’ job is to #execute, not just read and save but #do.

📍You can’t do it all so hire paid or unpaid staff.

📍 If you will execute this year write “do” in the comment section.

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