How to sell with Instagram Shoppable

Instagram has been a tool used by businesses to market their products and services. It is a great feature that is not only accessible but also free of charge. 😉👌⠀

From a mere social media app used to share photos, users can now shop and sell on Instagram Shoppable. Few steps is all it takes to set up your account!⠀
🛒Create a Facebook Catalog with Facebook ⠀
🛒Business Manager.⠀
🛒Create a Shop on Facebook with Shopify or BigCommerce.⠀
🛒Connect your online shop to your Business’ Instagram Account.⠀
🛒Upload the photos you want to tag.⠀
🛒On the post settings page, tap Tag Products.⠀
🛒Create posts that feel natural to the Instagram feed.⠀
🛒Leverage influencer posts.⠀
🛒Optimize your post with tags and hashtags.⠀
🛒Activate the Shop tab on your Instagram profile.⠀

❗❗Though there are only a few eligibility requirements that you need to check off before you can get started with Instagram shoppable posts:⠀
1. You must be located in one of these countries: United States, Canada, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, or Australia⠀
2. You need an Instagram business account⠀
3. You must be on the latest version of the Instagram app on either iOS or Android.⠀
4. Your business must sell physical goods that comply with Instagram’s merchant agreement and commerce policies.⠀
5. Your business profile must be connected to a Facebook catalog. This can be created and managed on Business Manager, directly on your business’s Page on Facebook, or through Shopify or BigCommerce.⠀

Do you also use the Instagram shoppable feature? Are you a shopper or a seller? Let us know in the comments below! ⠀

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