You have to plan your content and sales strategy

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As a business owner, you want to be on a few of these platforms actively especially If your target audience is between the ages of 21- 50.

You have to plan your content and sales strategy.

1. Who am I selling to?
2. What 2 or 3 platforms can I be actively looking for clients?
3. What kind of content should I be posting in order to provide useful solutions to my customers?
4. How can I use these platforms to build my brand?
5. What is my weekly/ monthly sales target and how can I meet them?
6. What offers can I create to close sales?

What you should not be doing 🚫

Posting for the sake of posting
Posting low quality content
Not using features on the App
Not speaking to the needs of potential customers
Not being consistent
Not using applicable Hashtags
Posting boring content
Not checking and analysing your insights
Not using videos
Not implementing my marketing tips

💢 You have to implement and do it repeatedly

Don’t give up 🤗



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