Why you need to strike a better work/life balance?

While working on your side hustle, do you find it difficult to set that work/life balance? Sadly it is a common phenomenon to forget about investing time in your home life when you’re working on so many things especially when you’re working from home. You end up losing track of time and work too much. This is why you should set a clear boundary for your self to maintain that balance even if you are working from home. Remember that you have only so many hours in a day that you need to spend some of that living your life than just working. ⠀

A good tip would be to set a daily schedule and follow that schedule no matter what. Definitely, you can work some extra hours when there’s a work emergency but you need to ingrain into your being that once work hours are done, it’s done. And, it’s time to focus on other things in your life such as a hobby, spending time with family, relaxing, unwinding, or simply treating yourself to a book or movie. ⠀

Remember that this life is meant to be lived and yes, work is a part of it – you need to understand that you have done enough work to treat yourself to some “me” time. Invest in that because the biggest asset you have is “you”. ⠀

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