Why Users Are Leaving Twitter For A New Social Network, Mastodon

Are you hearing about Mastodon for the first time? Don’t worry; we’re going to explain it to you. Mastodon has existed since 2016 and is an open-source social network that’s similar to Twitter. But Twitter, which has long been in operation is currently undergoing some major changes. From charging $8 for a blue checkmark badge to laying off hundreds of staff members, we can’t help but wonder what’s going on. Employees who were laid off were not told about these changes; suddenly, they woke up one morning and found that they could no longer access their Twitter accounts because they had been shut down. With all these things happening, since he bought it. To him, this is probably the best route to take. Even if not everyone agrees to this, he’s still their boss so let’s just say he has the final say.

News has also been going about this past week about the instability of the blue tick verification. There has been recent back and forth going on and Elon Musk has retrieved it saying he needed some kind of tweaks and it would be back to the public in a few days’ time.

Features of Mastodon

  • It is an open-source decentralised social network with servers created and moderated by users. Mastodon is composed of thousands of social networks all under different servers and communication through a system called the fediverse.
  • When getting started on Mastodon there is not one common signing-up area. You need to be registered to a specific server. Each server can be located in different places depending on Geographical location, profession, or any other variable the administrator of a particular server can think of. You can get to join as many servers as you want, leaving the 9r switch between servers at any point.
  • You are not restricted to one server and can always communicate or follow people on a different server.
  • You can include links, images, Audio files, and videos in any post you put out.
  • You can also edit your post and people who reblog your post would be notified of any changes you make.

In Mastodon, It is not called a retreat but a ‘Boost’ or ‘Reblog’. There are a variety of apps available for Mastodon due to the many servers available but the 2 popular apps are ‘Metqtext’ for IOS devices and ‘Tusky’ for Android.

Similarities & differences between Mastodon and Twitter

Mastodon Twitter 
  • User name is simple and straightforward 
  • Post are called toots 
  • Has a 500+ character limit which is an extension of Twitter 280 limit
  • Verification is freely available to everyone with their website
  • Username is linked to (@) which makes your username similar to an email address 
  • Posts are called tweets 
  • Has a 280 character limit
  • You need to pay $8 for verification 

The Downside Of Mastodon

Mastodon is very well different from Twitter because of its decentralised system and connections to different servers that function as communities. Twitter on the other hand is easy to use and navigate. The signup phase is very stressful and it may be difficult for people of high status to navigate and pull through. Also, the interface may be a bit too much.


Since its launch in 2016, Mastodon has developed into a viable social platform. Although a lot of people still aren’t familiar with the network, it is becoming more populated by individuals and professionals who seek to connect with long-time schoolmates and colleagues. You can also find your Twitter friends on the app. For more updates and news in the digital marketing field, follow the best SEO company in Lagos.

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