Why I think everyone should have a journal

Do you have a journal?⠀

A journal is a fantastic way to keep track of your inmost thoughts and your feelings. It’s always great to sit down and write on your journal at the end of the day. It really helps you look at events in the right perspective and makes you realize how some things can be so petty. When you write on your journal, you get the opportunity to reflect on things that you wouldn’t normally take a closer look at. ⠀

Also, when you have a pen and a notebook around during your reflection time, breakthrough inducing ideas and creativity thoughts can come to you for you to jot down. It just feels like there is no downside to journaling.⠀

You don’t have to limit yourself to just thoughts and ideas. You can focus on inspiring images, quotes, books, poems, and even songs. Don’t limit yourself and let inspiration guide you.⠀

Do you have a journal? If you do, how has it helped you? Share it in the comments section now.⠀

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