Which actor would you cast to play in a movie about your life?

When you’re working on tediou tasks for your side hustle, the mind can wander off to really 1 places. Sometimes you can wonder how it would be if your life was turned in to a movie. Would it be a rom-com or maybe a fun family film. It can be a coming-of-age film that tackles your growth and personal development.⠀

Do you ever wonder about your life being turned into a movie? If you have, who do you think would cast as the main lead – you? Definitely it can be your favorite or maybe it could be multiple actors if it’s going to be about your story from childhood to being an adult.⠀

If it were up to you to decide, which actor would you cast to play you in a movie about your life? ⠀

Share your answers in the comment section now.⠀

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