What is the best strategy of Email Marketing?

Email marketing gives you a chance to connect with your customers. 💻 You can do a ton of things with messages, similar to sell items, share some news, and to improve your business.⠀

Here are some strategies to help you out get started on your email marketing:⠀

✅Define your audience – Who should you send these emails to? Make sure that your target audience is the same people who you think would be interested in your product or service. ⠀
✅Decide what you should write – draft your email. Write that speaks to your subscribers. This email will be the basis if they will be your customer or not.⠀
✅Make a schedule – it is important to send the emails in a uniform manner. Consider your customer’s timezone. ⠀
✅Test your emails – you may test it with your friends or family or even your personal email. Ask them for feedback on which parts should you improve. Is the layout okay? Should you change the content? Their opinion does matter.⠀
✅Re-engage with your inactive subscribers – not all the people on your email list are active. Some of them may choose to ignore and delete your emails so it’s important to catch up on them.⠀
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