What is new in canva

what is new in canva

CANVA’s latest update brings everything from fun new games templates to new team management and workplace features to boost your productivity.

Games Templates

Team up and play multiplayer games like chess and checkers in real-time. You can even set up quizzes and games like “two truths and a lie”.


Our latest integration with Google Sheets makes it easier than ever to create impressive charts. Use them to nail your next presentation, sales pitch, or report.

Shared with You

We know you’ve been busy creating and collaborating on lots of awesome designs. Now you can find all your shared designs and folders under the “shared with you” tab.

Sorting in folders

Now you can arrange content within your folders into a list view. All you need to do is select the column headers to sort and choose list view.

Image style match

Canva will magically restyle your page, so the colours complement your image. You can also shuffle the colours in your quest for the perfect design.

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