Ways to tell Strangers About your Business

Establishing your brand and business can be a little challenging especially if you are starting. Oftentimes getting the attention of stranger to knowing your brand can be handful. However there are ways to speak your business towards strangers.

Share Your Business Journey

This is one of the best ice breaker when talking to strangers. Evidently, people love hearing a good story of success. You can start by sharing how you started your business, your business ideals, and the products/services you offer.

Create a Branded Hashtag

Another way to ensure your brand or business gain its rightful attention is by creating a branded hashtag. Branded hashtag encourage your prospective audience to feel the exclusivity whenever they will use your business’ hashtag on their social media platform.

Elevator Pitch

Before you even get started writing an elevator pitch though, there’s one thing we need to be clear on: an elevator pitch is not a sales pitch. An elevator pitch can be a gateway to a formal sales presentation, but they aren’t the same.

Collaboration with an Influencer

This can cost a money, however doing a collaboration with an influencer who works on your niche is proven effective. They will act as your brand ambassador to reach your prospective audiences.

Giving Incentives

Promotions like refer-a-friend program drives attention to your targeted audiences. It is one of effective way to introduce your brand or business to your prospective customers.

Launch a Giveaway

Another popular and creative way to drive brand awareness and word of mouth for your ecommerce shop is to launch a giveaway for customers and prospective customers to enter.

Collaborate with Other Brands

Building a network by doing a collaboration with other brand is a way to drive and expand your demographics.

Support a Cause

The final way to get people talking about your brand is to support a charity or cause. Online consumers don’t just shop for products—they look to support businesses that are interested in making the world a better place.

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