Ultimate guide to snapchat marketing

For years now, Snapchat is one of the social media platforms most small businesses used. It is easy to use and manage, and at the same time effective in reaching targeted audiences.
Snapchat has approximately 191 million daily active users.
18% of social media users also use Snapchat
76% snapchat users also do online shopping

Snapchat’s Features

Content: Images, Videos, Snaps, Stories,
Editors: Drawing tools, Text Add-ins, Emojis
Controls: Unlike Instagram, Snapchat allows you to adjust the viewing time of your snaps or stories, this allow your audience to view them in a longer period.

You can do Audio and Video calls in Snapchat!

Marketing Strategy Development

Unlike other social media platform where being viral is the goal, snapchat marketing is more exclusive to you and your target audience. It allows you to become direct and straight forward, and your main objective is to deliver your content to those who will engage with your business.

Coupon Offering
Connect to influencers
Building anticipation

Results Tracking

You can determine the effectiveness of your campaigns (or at least how much the content is being viewed) by dividing the number of snaps opened by the amount of snaps you sent out, providing you with the Snap opening rate.

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