SEO Tools To Help You Rank In 2023

Maybe you are new to SEO  and want to build up your SEO skills this 2023. For you to achieve incredible lengths of learning in SEO, you need to get familiar with not only the strategies but also some relevant tools used by the successful seo company in lagos who are Experts in the field. As a beginner or someone who’s at their breakthrough moment, you may not want to spend so much on a tool you probably have no experience in. That is why we have brought you some free tools that are relevant and will also give you results. Some of these tools are popular while others aren’t well known.

There are two categories of free tools;

  1. In the first category, you access a free tool with limited functionality. You only get those functionalities once you have subscribed to the paid version.

        2.  In the second category you get access to a totally free tool that won’t cost a penny and will come with all the functionalities there is to offer.

Here are some free Tools used by one of the best seo company in Nigeria. Some of them may fall into either of the two categories above;

1. Keyword Surfer

This is a free forever SEO tool that is also a browser extension. It helps you gather keywords and search metrics. Keyword Surfer is used by a renowned digital marketing agency in Lagos to help you find quality keywords you can use for your website. You can find new keyword lists related to your niche and export them to your storage afterward. Keyword Research is a very useful strategy in SEO and this tool will make it a lot easier and cost-effective for you.


2. SEO Minions

This tool is free forever and is very useful in SEO.  It is a tool that helps you extract the top-ranking pages from Google search results. For example,  If you want to write an article and you are looking for the perfect headline, with this tool you can pull out the top 29 headlines from the Google search results based on the article you want to write or the keywords in order to give you an insight of what you should write.


3. Google Search Console

If you want to have a solid technical SEO strategy then it is recommended that you use the Google search console tool. This is a popular as well as a free tool. With this tool you can submit your site map directly to Google for it to get crawled, it also helps you generate your content index quickly for pages that you made little corrections or changes to. You can also use the tool to get insights in what your content is ranking for and how your website appears on Search Results. This tool  helps you optimize your site’s search to know what brings users to your site and which position you occupy in Google search results.


4. Gmass

This is a powerful Gmail extension that allows you to send Mails to thousands of email addresses as well as prospects. It also allows you to automate emails and send back follow-up emails to those who responded or replied. With this powerful Gmail extension tool you can personalize emails based on name and also schedule them to be sent at a later appropriate time. One of the best reasons people use this free tool is because emails can be sent as a response 


5. Bing Webmasters Tool

Bing is a mobile-friendly free tool from Microsoft. It is also an analytical tool that gives you a report of what actually drives people to come to your site and what you need to focus on to bring more traffic to your website. It is easy to Leverage tool that gives you a summary of the overall performance of your site as well as what you need to do to expand your audience reach. The SEO Tools in Bing webmasters tools include keyword research tools, SEO audit tools, backlink profile that analyzes domains, and anchor tests.


Having a good SEO tool will not only equip you with the skill of advertising or ranking on Search Engines. It would give more than that. It gives you an insight into knowing what works best for an organization and how to expand your reach by giving your users what they want. In summary, you can be the best entrepreneur out there once you effectively understand why and how SEO works.



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