Recap on Instagram Update this 2020 for business

In the past few months of 2020, we witness tremendous changes in Instagram both on personal and business pages. These technological advancements are designed to benefit brands and creators.

Instagram Reels

How To Use: Feature short, engaging + entertaining video clips to capture your audience’s attention and create a quick but lasting brand impression

Carousel Posts

How To Use: Create informational graphics and decide on which order you would like them to appear and simply post!

Instagram Shop

How To Use: Tag products you’re in partnership with to earn commissions on your sales

Instagram Checkout

How To Use: Create a post and tag your offering to allow viewers to click through to purchase

Suggested Posts

How To Use: Just keep scrolling through your Instagram feed

Keyword Search

How To Use: Type in a keyword into the search bar. Yes, it’s THAT easy!

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