Personal Branding is the future | wendiloveee

Personal Branding is the future | wendiloveee

So spot on
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A brand is a person’s gut feeling about a product, service or organization. Since it’s a feeling, you can’t control it, but you can influence it.

Can people be brands too? If enough people have a similar “gut feeling” about you, then you have a brand. For example, if you consistently show up to work early and take on new tasks with alacrity, you might build a reputation as the eager, go-getter. Genuinely smile and greet people with kindness and you might be viewed as the affable, social butterfly.

You can’t control it. But you can influence it. Today’s guest post is by @iamnoro. Follow him for more posts like this.

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What’s your personal brand? Do you know your 2 word brand?

By @thechrisdo

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