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Twitter has been a growing app ever since its release. Back then, people used the platform to publish at-the-moment tweets to their followers, they also shared hashtags, photos, and links. Nowadays, people do not only use Twitter for personal use, but sometimes they also use it to market or campaign their products and services to other users.⠀

Here are some marketing steps for you to start your marketing campaigns on Twitter:⠀
1. Pick the right handle, profile photo, and header image – make sure that your photo, username, and header are easy to remember, most importantly, it must represent you and your brand.⠀

2. Optimize your bio to show the brand’s personality – tell the users about your service. You may also use your brand’s tagline here.⠀

3. Tweet during peak hours only – according to a website, the best time to tweet are Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!⠀

4. Keep hashtag use to a minimum – use one to two hashtags on one tweet that highlights the point of your tweet.⠀

5. Run some advanced searches – use Twitter’s advanced search feature to know your audience’s interests. ⠀

6. Add images to tweets to increase retweets – a plain tweet isn’t enough to catch the attention of users. Use a relevant photo for your tweet.⠀

7. Utilize Twitter video – aside from photos, you may also incorporate videos in your tweets. Again, make it relevant!⠀

8. Conduct polls to interact with followers – polls are one way to engage with your audience. Take this opportunity to know which ones they like so you can deliver better to them.⠀

9. Use creative CTAs – make use of Call To Action lines so your audience can interact more with your content.⠀

10. Utilize the power of Twitter Ads – if you have the budget for ads, why not? Try using this as an option to spread the word about the brand and services you offer.⠀

If you have a brand, would you love to use it as a platform for business? Let us know your thoughts below.⠀
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