Keeping instagram safe and secure

keeping instagram safe and secure

Security Checkup will walk users through the procedures required to protect accounts that have been compromised.

Checking login activity, verifying profile information, validating accounts that share login information, and updating account recoveries contact information such as phone number or email are all part of this process.

Enable two-factor authentication
Update your phone number and email
Instagram will never send you a DM
Report content and accounts you find questionable
Enable Login Request

Accounts that impersonate others, exploit their verification status to hack and target individuals or otherwise engage in spammy activity in the goal of deceiving users on Instagram violate our policies. We are continuously upgrading our technologies in order to detect and prevent this behaviour.

We’ve also made substantial changes to our Support Inbox, so you can get the most up-to-date information on what’s going on with your reports or see whether any of your posts are breaching our standards.

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