JAPA Season – How to Relocate and Continue Running Your Business From Abroad

Moving to a different country is no small feat, and often requires a great deal of planning and thoughtful research before making the final decision. You also need to be aware that continuing your business from abroad may not be as simple as it seems. Here are six tips that will help you keep up your business’s growth from any international location.

You should hire self-motivated team members

You can’t be there to motivate your team every day, but with the right people, this will not be an issue. When hiring new employees, look for those who are motivated and who have a strong work ethic. They should also be willing to learn, as they’ll need to know things like how to manage certain tasks on their own. With good employees in place, you can trust that everything will go smoothly while you’re away.

Delegate responsibility to others

You cannot expect yourself to do everything single-handedly. Delegate tasks as much as possible and help your employees grow by giving them opportunities to learn new things. This way you can ensure that the business continues running smoothly even after your relocation.

Develop communication channels to reach team members

Communication is key in any company, but it’s particularly important when you’re moving overseas. Make sure that everyone in the company knows how to reach the boss or at least an immediate supervisor. You may have to rely on email more than usual during your first few weeks abroad, but it’s important that you find ways to be in touch with everyone at work as soon as possible.

Prepare your team to work together well

Before relocating, you should take some time to plan how your team will work from abroad. It’s important that everyone knows what they need to do to keep things running smoothly while you’re away. Your transparency will give your team peace of mind knowing that they have your full trust, and it will empower them to make key decisions as well.

Be sure to stay in touch

It is important that you stay in touch with your team while you are away so they do not feel abandoned or left out of the loop when it comes to company decisions. You can use tools such as Skype, Google Hangouts, or FaceTime to keep in touch with employees who are working remotely or on-site employees who have moved offices since your departure. It is also important that all members of staff remain updated on current projects and upcoming deadlines so that nothing falls through the cracks during this time period of transition for both parties involved (employees and management).

Ensure the proper technology is in place

If you’re running a digital marketing agency in Lagos and will be away for a period of time, the key to keeping your business running is having access to good internet and phone technology. You need fast and reliable internet so that you can work on projects, check emails and make video calls with customers or colleagues back home. You also need a good phone system so that people can call in and out of the office as normal. If there are problems with either of these areas, then your business could suffer while you’re away.

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