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Social media marketing is now a trend especially when everyone is basically staying at home trying to find ways on how they can promote their business. 🤔 You’ve seen Youtube promotions, you’ve seen Facebook Lives, and now Instagram also has its Live feature where users can share at-the-moment videos live. 😃📱 ⠀

Aside from sharing videos, Instagram is also a tool for sellers to market their products to their followers. ⠀

✔ All you have to do is press the camera icon on the upper left corner of your Instagram homepage, on the bottom of your screen, switch from Story to Live, press the Live button and now you’re set for a Live video! Your followers will be notified that you are shooting a live video so that’s a plus! 😎 Also, if they ever open their feed, your Live icon will be highlighted on the Stories and will probably appear first (if no other users are also doing Life)! ⠀

Remember that you can always ask your followers to shoot inquiries on the comments section so you can answer them in real-time! Instagram Live selling isn’t different from how Facebook works but it is unique especially if your target market is on Instagram.⠀

For a better experience, shoot in a well-lit place and if possible, have your live video on portrait mode for mobile users. 😃 Your life can last up to an hour or so depending on your content but as always, do your best!⠀

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